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Use Real-Time CSPM to Supercharge Cloud Security Operations

Cloud security operations and incident response operate at a speed, and often complexity, that dwarfs those of a datacenter.

In this dynamic session filled with tech demos, Rich Mogull will demonstrate how to reduce false positives, speed up incident analysis, and leverage DevOps for rapid remediations using CSPM.

This webinar delves into how CSPM, SIEM, and SOAR fit together, the importance of leveraging the security alerts from your cloud providers, and how to automate enrichment and event validation.

Guest Speaker

Rich Mogull

SVP of Cloud Security, FireMon
Rich is the SVP of Cloud Security at FireMon where he focuses on leading-edge cloud security research and implementation. Rich joined FireMon through the acquisition of DisruptOps, a cloud security automation platform based on his research while as CEO of Securosis.

He has over 25 years of security experience and currently specializes in cloud security and DevSecOps, having starting working hands-on in cloud nearly 10 years ago. Prior to founding Securosis and DisruptOps, Rich was a Research Vice President at Gartner on the security team.

Detect issues and threats in real-time.