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FireMon is incredibly excited to introduce the industry’s first completely free unlimited CSPM for any size cloud deployments. A curated subset of features from our Cloud Defense platform designed to help cloud customers identify and manage baseline security and compliance risks.

At FireMon we believe all organizations and individuals deserve the capability to ensure fundamental cloud security hygiene without paying a security tax. Options have been limited, between commercial tools, major cloud providers charging for basic security checks, and the complexity and overhead of implementing and maintaining scalable Open-Source tools.

This ends today, as we release the FireMon Cloud Defense Free-Tier for AWS, with multi-cloud support to follow in the coming months.

FireMon Cloud Defense is a comprehensive cloud security platform that helps organizations better identify, communicate, prevent, and remediate security risks. Features like real-time CSPM posture checks, a security-enhanced inventory, threat detectors, deep ChatOps integration, auto-remediation, and IAM defenses enhance security operations to improve security outcomes. But many organizations, especially those early in their cloud journey, may only want basic assurances that they are securing the fundamentals.

Our Free-Tier includes no-cost basic CSPM (security and compliance checks) for an unlimited number of accounts, no time limits, a 30-day resource inventory, Slack notification integration, and once-daily assessments to the CIS Foundational Benchmark and a collection of our own security recommendations.* Organizations and individuals can now ensure basic security hygiene without any extra costs. It’s now cheaper to use FireMon Cloud Defense than native offerings from the Cloud Service Providers.

What’s included in FireMon Cloud Defense Free-Tier?
Free-Tier includes a subset of our CSPM features to help cloud customers meet basic security hygiene requirements:

  • Support for an unlimited number of AWS accounts (see our note on soft limits and future multi-cloud support).
  • Daily assessments to the CIS and FireMon recommended secure configurations.
  • CIS Foundational Benchmark compliance reports.
  • A 30-day resource inventory, with change tracking.
  • Slack integration.

How much does it cost and are there time limits?
There is no cost to use FireMon Cloud Defense Free-Tier and there is no time limit. We do reserve the right to add limits in the future, but we have no plans to do so at this time.

What do I need to install?
FireMon Cloud Defense is a SaaS/PaaS platform that is hosted in our environment. Customers merely need to provision access using our Infrastructure as Code templates. We currently support CloudFormation and Terraform. For AWS customers, we recommend using CloudFormation StackSets unless you are already experienced in scaling Terraform across large cloud deployments.

Customers using the Authorization Control feature of our paid plans will need to install an additional component in their environment to integrate with their identity provider, but this is not needed for Free-Tier.

What is the soft limit and how can I add more accounts?
To manage capacity and scaling we have a soft limit of 100 accounts. If you want to onboard more than 100 accounts just send us a request using our in-app help system.

The soft limit is only in place to ensure our team is prepared for very large capacity surges. Our back end is completely serverless and scalable, but like any environment we do need to occasionally tweak certain capacity settings. Accounts are not added in batches; if you want to scale from 100 to 3000 accounts this is a single request.

We plan on adjusting this soft limit as organizations sign up for the platform and we optimize Free-Tier scaling.

Do I need to be a business to use this?
Nope. Feel free to onboard your personal (or any other) accounts.

What else is included with FireMon Cloud Defense Commercial Tiers?
Although Free-Tier runs on our production platform, we consider it a stand-alone product to help cloud customers meet basic security hygiene needs. This is just the start of cloud security, and FireMon Cloud Defense is an advanced platform with a wide range of capabilities to help you find and fix the security risks that really matter. Check out our full capabilities here and the following are just some of the features available for Pro customers:

  • Event-driven analysis for continuous real-time posture checks and inventory updates.
  • Full Azure and GCP support.
  • Advanced Slack and Teams routing to send issues to the teams responsible for a deployment.
  • Slack and Teams 1-click actions and remediations.
  • Real-time threat detection and response automation.
  • Additional posture checks and compliance reports.
  • Proactive IAM protection with Authorization Control for just-in-time session and policy-based entitlements.
  • 90 day (or longer) inventory with integrated change and IAM history.
  • Posture and compliance check customization.
  • External integrations (e.g. JIRA).

How do I sign up?
Just click on this link and follow the instructions to start onboarding accounts.

How much do paid plans cost?
FireMon Cloud Defense is aggressively priced with two levels of commercial plans, Pro and Enterprise. If you want to kick the tires on our paid plans just submit a support request for a trial. You can still drop back to Free-Tier at any time.

How can FireMon support a Limitless Free-Tier?
FireMon Cloud Defense is fully serverless and cloud native. When we first came up with the idea of a Limitless Free-Tier we evaluated our options and determined the best ways we could package capabilities to offer security value within a cost structure we could maintain for the long run even if we are supporting tens of thousands of accounts. We combined feature selection with back-end changes to optimize our costs and release a free feature set to help customers meet foundational security needs.

Cloud customers shouldn’t have to pay a security tax for basic cloud security hygiene. We are proud of the capabilities of our complete platform, but many organizations and individuals just need basic security posture checks to get started. Use it for as long as you like, and when you are ready to mature your cloud security operations, check out the complete FireMon Cloud Defense platform.

What can we expect in the future?
We consider FireMon Cloud Defense Free-Tier a standalone product and plan on adding and adjusting features over time to continue to provide fundamental CSPM for free. Aside from additional cloud platforms we will continue to update our security posture checks to focus on high signal and low noise results. We currently plan to add additional compliance reports based on customer demand. We also may test additional features, some from our full Cloud Defense platform and some designed specifically for the Free-Tier.

*FireMon reserves the right to alter these limits at our discretion